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Mountain Minded Performance

Do you get up each morning eager to train and perform?

• What is it like to deal with uncertainty?
• How is it to receive criticism and feedback from others?
• What does it take to let go of mistakes and conflicts?
• How do you handle plateaus, setbacks, or failures in training and performance?
• Where does your confidence come from?
• How does your performance in competition compare to your performance in training?
• Who’s in control? You or your mind?

Mountain Minded Performance


Characteristics of Optimal Performance

Best performances occur within your optimal level of intensity. You are energized, exerting just enough energy to retain control, nothing more. It’s a subtle balance of deliberate activation. Your mind is calm, and your body is engaged, able to move with force and ease.

No matter what the situation you can create your desired outcome. Your dynamic ability to manage thoughts, emotions, and actions minimizes potential obstacles to performance. Precise connection to knowledge, skills, and abilities allows you to adjust to any conditions or competitors. Great things are sure to happen.

Mistakes or lapse in performance cannot undermine your belief in your knowledge, skills, and abilities. You trust that you can control each moment as it comes, without rushing or trying to force aspects of performance. Confidence is demonstrated by your presence, your walk, body language, and your facial expressions. This sense of self belief allows you to be patient, without over analyzing, but knowing you will be successful.

You are absorbed in the moment. Let go of the past and let the future take care of itself. The present activity is your singular focus. Your sense of time fades and before you know it, the performance is complete. Events seemed to happen in a slowed-down pace, but the overall experience goes quickly.

There is no interference from your thoughts or emotions. Things are happening in an ideal manner, without protest and consent from your mind. You seem to be on auto pilot – adjusting to whatever comes your way. Your body just seems to know what to do without any explicit directive from you. As you think less, you will achieve more.

You enjoy your sport with pure delight. Sport participation is self-fulfilling without concern for attention or any secondary benefits. Anyone can see the satisfaction and fulfillment that sport gives you. You feel like your sport provides something that you can’t get from anywhere else.

Things happen with little or no effort. All your moves are smooth, your performance seems like the easiest thing in the world. Your mind and body are working with one another in perfect unison. You have a sense of finesse and grace, even when a task is complex, demanding, and exhausting.

Benefits In Control

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Client Testimonials

“Working with a sports psychologist was a really valuable experience. It helped me excel in my sport and personal life while focusing on the importance of balance and preventing burnout.”

Professional Musician (shared with permission)

“Dr. Dave, you have been one of the most influential people in my life. Thank you for being kind, caring, and sensitive to my issues and always challenging me to think above and beyond . . . and at times, to avoid thinking! I would not have been the same person had I not met you. I cannot possibly thank you enough!”

College Tennis Player (shared with permission)

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