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For international business professionals (United States-based and worldwide):
  • Concierge communication services to include phone calls, professional writing support (resume/CVs, emails, and marketing materials), local purchasing, United States market and competitive intelligence research, project management, and coordination with local government offices by native speakers of American English
  • Language and cultural support for expatriate employees and their families while on assignment in the United States
  • Trade show and business meeting coordination support and advocacy
For the foreign language translator, immigration attorney, or international accountant:

Supplemental language and cultural services for your clients to include U.S.-based administrative support, resume updates and English-language job interview preparation

For government procurement professionals:

Please see our Government Solutions page.


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As a United States Department of State student exchange program alum, Army veteran, and expatriate working overseas, Biz in English understands the challenges of living and working in a foreign country and doing business using a foreign language.

Throughout all these experiences, it was invaluable to have a native speaker of the country’s language assist with identifying local resources, clarifying cultural differences, and moving projects forward.

Biz in English fills a recognized need for language and cultural support services for non-native English-speaking professionals in the United States.